H&R Block Desktop Tax Software 2017: Fed + State $20 (1/4 Flash Sale)


Deal of the Day again 1/4/18. The benefit of “old-school” desktop tax software is that it doesn’t require your Social Security Number and financial details to be stored in the cloud. Here’s a limited-time deal on H&R Block Tax Software 2017 (download or physical CD).

Amazon has H&R Block Deluxe Federal + State for $19.99. Federal only is $14, and Premium is $30. Premium & Business is $37. This is a 24-hour “Deal of of the Day” (sorry I don’t get advance notice) and is within $1-$2 of the lowest prices ever from last year. If it is out of stock, you can still buy it and lock in the price. If you miss it, it will probably come back again as H&R Block likes to do these flash discounts every so often.

H&R Block Deluxe includes guidance for stock gains and losses, home mortgage interest deduction, and other itemized deductions. Compare that against TurboTax Deluxe Download which makes you upgrade to TurboTax Premier to get guidance for stock sales and dividends. H&R Block Premium includes rental properties and self-employment. All flavors include “Refund Bonus” where you can a 5% bonus if you take your refund in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Keep in mind that for these products 5 Federal e-Files are included but State e-File is extra ($19.95 per state). I would personally just print the (usually shorter) state return out and snail mail it in if you don’t have a free State e-File option.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this today, Jonathan!

  2. Thank you, I bought it for the last tax season via your link and this time shared it with my friends and family too. It certainly saves money and time.

  3. Ugh, got your email today so missed this deal. Looking to move away from the other people as I feel they have lost their way. Oh well, I will keep an eye out for other deals.

  4. Good deal, but not for Mac.

  5. What’s your take Turbo tax vs H&R Block Desktop Tax Software? By the way, i missed the deal, hopefully it will come back?

    • Both will work similarly in terms of accuracy and guidance. H&R Block is usually unique in offering free in-person audit protection. TurboTax usually offers more auto-download partners of 1099-B and 1099-INT forms if you have a lot of 1099s and/or trades that you don’t want to input manually.

  6. Jonathan,

    Which one do you find the most useful? I don’t have a rental and just started a side self employment and have some in IRA.

    • I usually pay extra for TurboTax so I can sync my 1099s electronically instead of having to type them in. I think the time saved is worth the extra money, but other folks may not have as many things to type in as I do. I think H&R Block and TaxACT are fine alternatives.

  7. Do you find TurboTax Deluxe be sufficient for someone who just started a small business or the Small Business (costly) be more appropriate? I looked at comparison Deluxe vs Premier and it seems Premier doesn’t really add any value. I do trading, but within my retirement account. Do you use Deluxe?

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