About Me

About this blog. It was 2004. I had recently left graduate school and found myself working a 9-6 job, making good money but with a nagging feeling that I didn’t want to do this for another 45 years. I had just dug out from $30,000 in undergraduate student loans. How long would I have to work in this cubicle? What should I invest in? How much is enough? Is early retirement even possible?

Money is taboo. Nobody wants to talk about what they make, and most people don’t even know how much they spend. Everyone just seemed resigned to working until 65. So, I started edwardfurlong.ru and shared all my finances via this anonymous blog. My bank account size, my credit card balances, my 401(k) contributions, all of it. It was great to learn and share with other like-minded folks that aren’t afraid to question the status quo and pursue financial freedom.

I stumbled into publicity from places like Businessweek, CNBC, US News & World Report, and National Public Radio. That was great for traffic, but not so good for my anonymity. As our careers progressed, I decided that it was time to stop disclosing everything down to the dollar. However, I still enjoy sharing our financial decision-making processes and comparing notes with readers. In the future, I hope to continue developing this blog into a resource for those seeking to improve their finances.

This blog continues to be owned and written by the same person who published the very first post after buying a domain name at 3am for 8 bucks.

About me. I’m currently in my mid-30s and married with a new baby girl and two dogs. In the 9 years since starting this blog, we’ve worked hard to increase our income and prioritize our expenses in order to save a large percentage of our pay. Our basic strategy has been to live on one income and bank the other one. We’ve managed to pay off our mortgage well ahead of schedule, and continue to work on building up our retirement portfolio. For fun, we (used to) enjoy traveling, skiing, hiking, cooking, playing with our dogs, and eating at hole-in-the-wall restaurants. (Now we just fantasize about sleeping in past 6am.) Currently, we are cutting back on working to spend more time raising our kids while they are young and not yet in school.

I’ve been writing about money for 9 years but I still don’t consider myself a financial guru. I don’t speak at get-rich seminars and I don’t write books. I don’t claim to know it all, and am skeptical when others do. I just try my best to learn something new every day.

That’s our story. If this sounds interesting, I encourage you to bookmark this site or get regular updates via RSS or e-mail.

Thanks for reading,

Jonathan Ping