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The Devil’s Dozen Prepping to Kill Each Other
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More news of new flicks coming out just in time for this year’s AFM. While we’re void of any eye candy, we do have word that a new flick called The Devil’s Dozen is on its way, and it’s sporting a pretty expansive genre cast.

The film, which is directed by Jeremy London (Mallrats), stars Eric Roberts, Danny Trejo, Jake Busey, C. Thomas Howell, Angie Everhart, Edward Furlong and Michael Madsen and tells the tale of “12 victims who are trapped in a room. Their instructions are to find the guiltiest person in said room and kill that person. Then repeat. The last person alive gets to leave.”

Yep, it sounds like another one of those flicks, but hopefully London can spice it up a bit. Look for more on this one soon.


Austin Film Festival: “Below Zero”
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Any serious horror fan would sit through five hours of Michael Berryman thinking about reading the phone book. There is something about that distinctive bald peak of a head, and the oddly soulful eyes beneath it, that balances pathos and otherness so perfectly.
That was what Wes Craven saw in him as Pluto in The Hills Have Eyes, and it is what a slew of directors from Rob Zombie to Leonard Nimoy and VHS grindmeister Fred Olen Ray have tried to recapture (with varying success.) Berryman’s gangling, hairless frame and buggy eyes have made him a visual shorthand for weird, a prop for directors to scream “my film is somewhat creepy.”

But Austin Film Festival is much more a writer’s festival than a celebration of the director, and that is what Below Zero concentrates upon. Edward Furlong (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) is a screen writer on a downward plummet who attempts to resurrect his career by getting sealed in a meat locker, so he will be forced to work on his next script.

Below Zero comes with the “based on a true story” tag since writer and Great American Pitchfest founder Signe Olynyk actually locked herself in a meat locker to write it. She catches the writer’s satisfaction with and paranoia about self-enforced isolation. The strongest moments are when the lines between Furlong’s icebox reality and the internal monologue of his draft script merge, allowing Furlong to become deus ex machina to his own movie-within-a-movie analog. Yet those moments are few and far between, and much of the rest feels like Olynyk’s “What I Did on my Very Strange Vacation” essay.

After shaking off a late-Nineties drought, Furlong has become a jobbing regular again (18 films released since 2005, another three in the can plus a well-regarded run on CSI:NY.) Fortunately, there is more of the raw talent he showed in American History X than whatever it was he phoned in for schlockfests like Intermedio. He brings a febrile and claustrophobic sweatiness to “Jack the Hack,” working through the writer’s self-loathing and ego. Unfortunately, Kristin Booth, pulling double duty as farmer Penny outside the script and victim Paige inside, hawks a sub-Fargo accent so grating and dense that she may as well be called Marge Gunderson and have done with it.

And then Berryman turns up for a few minutes and the screen lights up with a gory, ghoulish glow. His brief but fleshed-out scenes as the body-chopping Gunnar tap into that late Seventies’ body horror that gore fans crave from him. Ultimately, that matter trumps the meta, and it may have been more rewarding to see the conventional horror that pumps through Below Zero’s icy veins.


“A Home of Our Own” screencaps
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I made screencaps from Edward in the 1993 movie “A Home of Our Own”. Click HERE to see all caps. Some previews:

Perception Lines Up Eclectic Guest Stars
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TNT’s new Eric McCormack crime drama Perception, set to debut in summer 2012, has already booked an eclectic lineup of guest stars to come play with the Emmy-winning Will & Grace star. Roger Bart, who played Desperate Housewives’ crazed pharmacist, and two actors who have toiled with pharmaceuticals and the law in real life — Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) and Tom Sizemore, have been cast in suspicious roles.

Roger will play a high-powered IRS agent questioned in connection with the murder of a cult member, while Edward and Tom will appear together in an episode centered around an Irish crime syndicate. Tom will play a top-level mobster and Edward will play a rising underworld figure.

Worlds away from Will & Grace, Perception finds Eric playing Dr. Daniel Pierce, an eccentric neuroscientist and university professor called upon by his former student (Rachael Leigh Cook) to help the feds solve complex criminal cases. Though Pierce’s intimate knowledge of human behavior gives him an edge in reading people, he’s a bit of a social moron.

Does this sound like a series you’d add to your record list?


“T2 3-D Battle Across Time” screencaps
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Click HERE to see all caps from Edward in the “T2 3-D Battle Across Time” video from 1996. Some previews:

The Mortician Trailer
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Alienated and cold, The Mortician (Method Man) processes the corpses with steely disregard. He is lonely and isolated. He is introduced to his new employee, Noah, (EJ Bonilla) by the morgue boss (Edward Furlong). Noah is a volatile youth working as part of his parole. Noah brings the notorious gangster, Carver (Dash Mihok), and his crew to the mortuary door.

The Mortician’s attention is pricked by the tattoo of Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ inked on the body of a murdered woman (Judy Marte), that arrives at the morgue, triggering a series of haunting dreams from his childhood. Discovering a scared child, Kane (Cruz Santiago), fleeing the morgue, he’s forced to act. They become reluctant allies, struggling for redemption as they run. Through his awkward heroism, the Mortician reconnects with his long forgotten past, and finds the answers he’s been searching for. He find redemption and peace.

Welcome to Edward Furlong Fan!
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Hi, this is Veronique and I run this website dedicated to the very talented actor Edward Furlong! First I would like you all to take a look at GALLERY, there are over 1.000 pictures at the gallery already!

I would like to thank Natalie for the wonderful layout! Also be sure to check out our top affiliates!

And of course, welcome to Edward Furlong Fan!!